Your Notary - SCHEIBER LAW

DR. FLORIAN SCHEIBER is a notary public in Vaduz / Liechtenstein.


Creation of Contracts

Do you need legal advice on drawing up a contract? We are happy to assist you in the following matters:

  • keyboard_arrow_rightReal estate
    • Purchase contract
    • Exchange contract
    • Transfer
    • Donation
    • Easements (e.g. right of way and right of way, right of abode, right of enjoyment of fruit)
    • Agreements on the use of land
    • Partitions
    • Land register entries and land register applications
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFamily
    • Prenuptial agreements
    • Lasting power of attorney
    • Living will
    • Adoption
    • Divorce
    • Partnership agreement
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLaw of succession
    • Inheritance contracts
    • Will
    • Waiver of inheritance
    • Compulsory part waiver agreements
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCompany Law
    • New company formation
    • Reorganisation
    • Company succession
    • Commercial Register / Company Register - entries and registrations


Do you want to record information in writing to secure or structure rights or legal relationships? Then a Notarisation is required. Facts and legal relationships can be notarised.

About the procedure:

  • keyboard_arrow_rightPreliminary proceedings

    First of all, our notary Dr. Scheiber checks whether your request is illegal or immoral. Following the examination, the deed is to be drawn up. The deed can either be drawn up by you or your representative or, at your request, by our notary Dr. Scheiber. During the preliminary proceedings, our notary Dr. Scheiber performs his duties of instruction and examination.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightMain proceedings

    In the main proceedings, your will as a party is first established. Then you have to sign the deed. After signing, the deed is notarised by our notary Dr. Scheiber.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightFollow-up procedure

    A copy of the deed will be physically retained by our notary Dr. Scheiber for at least ten years, unless you agree with us on a longer retention period.

Notarial Authentication

Do you need a Notarial Authentication? Then you have come to the right place. A Notarial Certification has several advantages for you. It fulfils a document function. Furthermore, it also serves as a procedural control. We offer the following types of certification for you:

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCertification of a transcript

    Paragraphs, insertions, deletions and other changes in one of your documents can also be certified by us.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCertification of a copy

    In our notary's office, documents submitted to us are also certified as to their completeness and correctness.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCertification of an extract

    When certifying an extract, the essential parts of the document for the stated purpose are to be submitted to our notary Dr. Scheiber, who will carry out the certification following the examination that has taken place.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCertification of a translation

    By certifying the translation of a deed, our notary Dr. Scheiber confirms that the translation of the deed is accurate.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCertification of a date

    By certifying a date, our notary Dr. Scheiber records when and by whom a deed was delivered to him.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightCertification of a signature

    The certification of your signature is only possible in two cases. Either you sign the document in the presence of our notary Dr. Scheiber or you confirm to him that the signature is yours. Thus, the certification of a signature of an absent or deceased person is not possible.