June 2022
Blockchain | Security Token Offering (STO): Prospectus for the issuance of tokenised participation certificates approved by the FMA Liechtenstein

Calidris Fintech AG, as an innovative Liechtenstein company, is conducting an issue of participation certificates in the form of a STO (Security Token Offering) in Liechtenstein.

June 2022
Shareberry Blockchain: Legal Opinion

Shareberry ( is a social media and content reward platform through which its users can post, rate and comment on financial articles.

May 2022
Data leak at car rental company Buchbinder

According to media reports in the computer magazine c't and the weekly newspaper Zeit, there was a serious data leak at the car rental company Buchbinder as early as January 2020. As a result, personal data of three million customers leaked unencrypted onto the internet, where it was freely accessible to any internet user. Apparently, all Buchbinder customers (car renters and drivers) from 2003 to 2020 are affected.

March 2022
Right of withdrawal from life insurance successfully enforced

On 4 March 2022, the Liechtenstein Supreme Court issued its first final decision in one of our cases against Swiss Life Liechtenstein (legal successor of Capital Life), confirming the first-instance ruling of the Liechtenstein Regional Court that policyholders are entitled to a perpetual right of withdrawal under Art 65 VersVG (Liechtenstein Insurance Contract Act) if they were not properly informed about the right of withdrawal.

February 2022
Sharewood - Bankruptcy proceedings initiated

In Switzerland, bankruptcy proceedings have now been instituted against ShareWood Switzerland AG at the Zurich District Court in addition to the criminal proceedings.

We are now also assisting aggrieved investors in filing their claims in the bankruptcy proceedings.

October 2021
Sharewood - Criminal proceedings initiated

In Switzerland, the Public Prosecutor's Office III of the Canton of Zurich has initiated criminal proceedings against the management of ShareWood Switzerland AG, Peter Möckli and Michael Steg, on urgent suspicion of commercial fraud and violation of the Federal Act against Unfair Competition. Sharewood's website was even blocked.

We are now assisting aggrieved investors in filing their claims in the criminal proceedings and in the expected bankruptcy proceedings.

Data breach in Tyrolean Covid tests

More than 24,000 positive coronavirus tests from Tyrol, including the associated personal data, have been disclosed. Apparently, everyone who tested positive for the coronavirus in Tyrol between January 2021 and June 2021 is affected.

We have initiated a collection procedure at for those affected.

August 2021
First lawsuits filed against Ledger in Germany

We have now brought the first claims for damages for those affected by the Ledger Data Leak against Ledger, one of the world's best-known manufacturers of hardware wallets, for breaches of data protection law.

January 2021

Cyber trading fraudsters have been using cryptocurrency exchanges (crypto exchanges) for some time to disguise payment transactions. First, a so-called wallet (account) was opened, usually with the help of the trading fraudsters via AnyDesk or TeamViewer. Subsequently, the victims transferred their funds to the accounts of the cryptocurrency exchanges and these funds were exchanged for cryptocurrencies, usually Bitcoin. Afterwards, the exchanged Bitcoins were transferred to the wallet of the fraudsters.

26 November 2020
Right of withdrawal from unitlinked life insurance successfully enforced against SwissLife Liechtenstein

The Princely Regional Court has ruled for the first time that policyholders have a perpetual right of withdrawal in accordance with Art 65 VersVG (Liechtenstein Insurance Contract Act) if they have not been duly informed about the right of withdrawal.

June 2020
Blockchain | Security Token Offering (STO): Prospectus for the issue of tokenised bonds approved by the FMA Liechtenstein

As an innovative Swiss company, Maji HOLDING AG uses the novelty of blockchain technology and carries out an issueof bonds in the form of a STO (Security Token Offering) in Liechtenstein.

25 March 2020
Funds – Relocation of domicile from Cayman Islands, BVI, etc. to Liechtenstein

After the United Kingdom left the EU in February 2020, the EU Commission definitely put British Overseas Territories, such as the Cayman Islands, on the black list of non-cooperative countries.

November 2019
Blockchain | Security Token Offering (STO): Prospectus for the tokenised share issuance approved by the FMA Liechtenstein

As an innovative Liechtenstein company, ENERCOM AG uses the novelty of blockchain technology and carries out a share issue in the form of a STO (Security Token Offering) in Liechtenstein.

September 2019
Employers must issue certificates of employment

SCHEIBER Attorneys at Law represents a client in an employment dispute before the Princely Regional Court.

September 2019
Entry of segments of a Protected Cell Company (PCC) in the Commercial Register

SCHEIBER Attorneys at Law represents a segmented stock corporation whose wish was to enter its segments in the commercial register.

September 2019
Fraud by Binary Options: Online trading platform “Stackoptions” - SCHEIBER Attorneys at Law in Dubai

Some banks based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, acted as receiving banks for the investments in the online trading platform “Stackoptions”.

July 2019
New Prospectus law in Liechtenstein

Where securities are either offered to the public or are to be admitted to trading on a regulated market, a prospectus must in principle be drawn up. From 21/07/2019, the new EU Prospectus Regulation Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 – will apply in Liechtenstein.

March 2019
The Protected Cell Company (PCC) under Liechtenstein law – Issuance of Segment Shares

The PCC is not an actual legal form, but an organisational form, by means of which companies can be divided into different segments ...

March 2019
Fraud by Binary Options | CFD Trading | Crypto Trading | Forex Trading

The supposedly fast profit from online trading platforms for Binary Options, CFD Trading, Crypto Trading and Forex Trading quickly becomes a loss trap ...

February 2019
Blockchain | Security Token Offering: Tokenised Bonds

In times of blockchain and crypto currencies, an innovative Liechtenstein company uses the advantages and novelty of these technologies ...

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  • keyboard_arrow_rightCapital Market Law

    We provide an advisory function in all matters relating to the special field of capital market law. You are in good hands with us:

    • Advice and support on the issue of securities (bonds) and the preparation of securities prospectuses
    • Advice on the establishment, structuring and management of investment funds and the preparation of constituent documents
    • Experience in investor protection

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  • keyboard_arrow_rightCompany Law

    We are happy to advise you on problems and questions relating to corporate law. There are plenty of solutions, they just have to be striven for.

    • Foundation, structuring and consulting of companies
    • Advice and support in mergers & acquisitions (M&A) including legal due diligence
    • Advice and support in restructuring and reorganisations
    • Advice and support in liquidations and bankruptcies
    • Acceptance of board mandates
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCompliance

    "Compliance" describes the totality of all operational measures to prevent legal violations. Through a functioning compliance organisation, the adherence to certain rules and guidelines can be guaranteed and criminal and civil law risks can be reduced. Due to the increasing complexity of these rules and guidelines, we as a law firm are happy to advise you and provide you with the following services:

    • Compliance Assessment
      Implementation of a compliance assessment with analysis of the relevant guidelines, documents, processes and on the basis of interviews with final presentation of the results to the management/board of directors.
    • External Investigation
      Based on anonymous allegations, conduct of an external investigation by analysing the relevant processes and documents.
    • Business Partner Audit
      Examination of compliance relevant requirements of the business partner
    • House Searches
      Preparation of relevant documents and checklists, execution of regular trainings to ensure the behavior in case of possible house searches.
    • Outsourcing
      External contact point for reports of violations or questions regarding compliance, also on an anonymous basis, from internal and external persons, receipt of reports, triage, forwarding of justified concerns to the responsible unit within the company within 24 hours of receipt, and semiannual reporting on the number and subject of reports and what action has been taken
    • Human Resources Process
      Assistance in embedding compliance relevant requirements in existing or new HR processes
    • Guidelines
      Development and implementation of guidelines and training materials
    • Risk Assessment
      Assessment of various contracts (employment, cooperation, etc.) and submission of concrete recommendations including the development of sample contracts
    • Training
      Preparation and implementation of compliance training
    • Code of conduct
      Development of a customised code of conduct
  • keyboard_arrow_rightData Protection (Privacy Policy)

    We collect your data protection status and implement tailor-made solutions for your company. Logically and with simple words we explain to you what to do now, based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    • Advice as external data protection officer
    • Preparation of data protection documents
    • Support in compensation lawsuits
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDefense in Criminal and Commercial Criminal Cases

    Nowadays, as a manager you are very often no longer immune from criminal prosecution if your entrepreneurial decision leads to negative consequences. SCHEIBER Attorney at Law advises you in accordance with the Business Judgment Rule during the decision-making process so that criminal consequences can be avoided as far as possible.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightEmployment Law

    A large number of regulations regulate the rights and obligations of an employee and an employer and it is not uncommon for differences of opinion or disputes to arise. SCHEIBER Attorney at Law will be pleased to advise you on this subject and, if necessary, represent you in court.

    • Advice on the termination of employment relationships
    • Management of labour law processes
    • Examination of employment contracts
    • Advice on employee data protection
  • keyboard_arrow_rightFinTech

    We offer holistic consulting and support with a focus on FinTech:

    • Consulting of start-ups in matters of blockchain and crypto currency
    • Advice on ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and ITOs (Initial Token Offerings)
    • Preparation of legal opinions

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  • keyboard_arrow_rightInsurance Disputes

    If you have a legal problem with a focus on insurance law, you have come to the right place. We advise you in all areas of insurance law and represent you in court in the event of a dispute. The areas in which we are specialised are the following:

    • Examination of insurance investment products (unit- and index-linked life insurance policies)
    • Advice on the sale of insurance products
    • Advice on legal protection and D&O insurances

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  • keyboard_arrow_rightIT Law

    As a contact for all questions regarding IT law, we advise users, developers, IT service providers, resellers and all other companies involved in IT projects.

    We provide the following services:

    • IT Consulting: Legal advice for IT projects
    • IT Contracts: Drafting of contracts for hardware and software procurement agreements, software development agreements, software licensing agreements, app development and provider agreements
    • IT Litigation: Legal representation in IT disputes before courts and authorities
    • IT Outsourcing: Legal support for outsourcing projects, contract preparation and contract negotiations for service level agreements, software as a service (SaaS) contracts and in the area of cloud computing
    • Internet law: Legal advice on Internet, e-commerce and distance selling law, legal support of online shops, drafting and review of general terms and conditions (GTC), terms of use and privacy statements, website check
    • Domain law: Registration and examination of industrial property rights (IP), trademarks and domains, legal advice and representation in domain name disputes
    • Computer Criminal Law: Advice and representation in cases of computer and Internet crime and hacker attacks
    • Cyber Security: Legal advice in connection with computer security, cyber security and information technology security
  • keyboard_arrow_rightLitigation in Investor Protections

    We represent you as investors in the enforcement of your claims before the courts in the following areas:

    • Unit- and index-linked life insurance (insurance investment products)
    • Ship and real estate funds
    • Foreign currency loans, stop-loss clauses and negative interest rate
    • Secondhand policies
    • Asset recovery

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  • keyboard_arrow_rightMountain Sport and Skiing Law

    Dr. Florian Scheiber is a Court Expert for Alpine skiing and Snowboarding ( Due to his expertise, you are in good hands if you need assistance in the event of an alpine accident.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightUnfair Practices and Competition

    We represent and advise you in all legal matters of unfair competition law as one of our core competencies:

    • Letters of warning and cease and desist letters
    • Provisional injunctions
    • Judicial enforcement of claims

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