+ Insurance Disputes

  • Withdrawal from life insurance contract
  • Assertion of claims regarding casualty insurance, medical insurance ans social insurance
  • Legal representation to insurance brokers

+ Litigation in Investor Protections

  • Years of experience concerning unit-linked and index-linked life insurances (insurance Investment products)
  • Extensive experience regarding ship funds and real estate funds
  • Acknowledged expertise in respect of foreign currency loans, stop-loss orders and negative interest
  • Special expertise relating to second-hand policies
  • Proven experience regarding Asset Recovery

+ Capital Market Law

  • Legal support in creating and structuring investment funds
  • Legal support regarding management of investment funds

+ Unfair Practices and Competition

  • Warning letters and cease-and-desists letters
  • Preliminary injunctions
  • Court claims

+ Company Law

  • Advising start-ups
  • Advising and accompanying companies through restructuring and reorganising projects
  • Advising and accompanying companies through liquidations and insolvencies
  • Acceptance of directorships and board mandates

+ FinTech

  • Advising start-ups regarding blockchain
  • Advising concerning ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and ITOs (Initial Token Offerings)

+ Data Protection (Privacy)

  • Act as external Data Protection Officer
  • Preparation of privacy documents
  • Accompanying regarding compensation proceedings

+ Defense in Criminal and Commercial Criminal Cases

+ Mountain Sport and Skiing Law

+ Representation before Courts and Authorities